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'It's just ruined their lives': Family of Saint Francis shooting victim sues hospital

Photo of William Love. (Courtesy: Love Family)
Photo of William Love. (Courtesy: Love Family)
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The family of Saint Francis shooting victim William Love believes the hospital did not protect him, and NewsChannel 8 has learned they are suing.

The Love family's pain is so deep, their attorney Ray Maples said they passed on all the ceremonies at Saint Francis.

"They've had a really tough time the whole time," said Maples. "Just the trauma, it's just ruined their lives."

The 73-year-old retired Army veteran served during the Vietnam War.

Maples said Love embodied his last name.

"He loved his family, he loved his country more than life itself." said Maples.

On June 1, 2022, Love was accompanying his wife, Deborah, to an appointment at Saint Francis' Natalie Building.

It's where he performed his final act of heroism.

"And that kind of showed in his last moments as he tried to protect his wife by holding a door down that with law while on active shooters running in," said Maples.

The attorney said Love should not have had to make that sacrifice.

"With the right security, this stops immediately," said Maples. "Doors lock, elevators lock, police are called. This is preventable completely."

The Love family filed a lawsuit on May 23 against Saint Francis Hospital, Saint Francis Health System, Warren Clinic, and Warren Professional Building Corporation.

In the 10-page document, the attorney claims the hospital failed to enact security measures.

"It's kind of obvious," explained Maples. "He walked into a floor, into an elevator with an AR-15 on his shoulder. I mean, how many places can you walk in to second or third, fourth and fifth floor straight into the door?"

Maples also said in the lawsuit the defendants "knew or should have known [the shooter] posed a danger to Love" and others in the building.

"This isn't their first time that they've had issues with patients," he said. "They were aware and they should have been prepared."

Before the lawsuit was filed, Saint Francis President and CEO Dr. Cliff Robertson spoke with NewsChannel 8 anchor Brenna Rose.

"What have you done this last year to make sure that people here feel safe?" Rose asked.

"I don’t know that we’ll ever feel safe. I think that’s the realization of the society that we live in," answered Dr. Robertson. "But we have addressed, you know, many of the things that we think we can improve the safety of both our patients and staff."

Dr. Robertson said staff is getting more training and giving more feedback.

"Do you feel like the hospital has done enough to prevent another family from going through the same pain that the Loves are?" NewsChannel 8 reporter Daniela Ibarra asked Maples.

"Well, that will be something that will be obviously done more figured out more in discovery, but from what I've seen, and from people I've talked to, absolutely not," said Maples.

Maples said the Loves don't want this tragedy to happen to anyone again.

"The first time I met with them, and they said 'you know what? I can't bring my husband back.' And I can't, the other one said 'I can't bring my father back. But just maybe we can stop this from happening somebody else and somebody else having to go through this horrific tragedy in their lives.'"

The family is suing for financial damages. The amount would be determined by a jury, said Maples.

NewsChannel 8 reached out to Saint Francis Hospital officials early Wednesday afternoon for their reaction to the lawsuit.

"As with any open legal case we are unable to provide comment," said Sevan Robert, Saint Francis' system director for corporate communications.


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