Jenks hopes to reclaim missing tax dollars

Jenks hopes to reclaim missing tax dollars (KTUL)

JENKS, Okla. (KTUL) - The leaders of Jenks Public Schools are looking at their options when it comes to the loss of some property-tax revenue. The district's Chief Financial Officer said they've missed out on about $100,000, but he declined to discuss their options.

The problem started when a large shopping center at 91st Street and Yale Avenue wasn't reappraised in 2015.

CFO Cody Way said the money matters, even for a district that spends $75 million a year on basic operating expenses.

He noted that they've had to slash a total of $6 million over the last three years due to state budget shortfalls.

With 12,300 students in classes, they don't take anything for granted.

Way said the situation worries him because they really count on the property taxes, which make up a big part of the funding formula.

Way said, "I mean, we're scratching and trying to find every single dollar we can to put into our classroom and our students."

He told us it was the first situation of this kind that's been brought to their attention, but it's a concern.

"You can't help but have a little bit of doubt, because we rely on the accuracy of other entities for our funding," Way said.

Way also said the loss will be compounded, because it may be several years before the problem can be completely corrected.

While Tulsa County Assessor Ken Yazel wasn't available for comment, his chief of staff says they are working on the problem.

Patrick Milton said they are looking at all their systems to close any loopholes.

Milton said the mistake took place because the employee who was responsible for the work resigned to take another job. Then, his supervisor missed the fact that the work had not been done.

Milton said they missed one, but it's a big job with 80 employees handling almost 300,000 accounts.

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