Judge dismisses rape case involving former Bixby football players

Judge dismisses rape case involving former Bixby football players (KTUL)

A judge in juvenile court dismissed the rape case involving four former Bixby football players Friday.

Attorneys for the former Bixby players confirmed the case was dismissed.

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According to court documents, the football players were at former Bixby superintendent Kyle Wood's house in September 2017 during the incident. The affidavit states the victim and the four players who were officially charged went upstairs to play video games, and someone had mentioned getting a pool stick. The victim believed he knew what was about to happen because something similar had happened the year before.

The victim tried to leave, but the door was blocked by one of the people charged, the document states.

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In November 2017, a police report was filed, and in September of 2018, the case was moved to juvenile court.

The prosecutor in the case, Special Prosecutor Matt Ballard, Rogers County District Attorney, released a statement about the developments:

I am aware of the selective release of some information regarding the Bixby football players case. By design, this information is intended to mislead and deceive. The reports circulating in the media that the case was dismissed are very misleading. This case is being handled within the confines of the juvenile system and I must respect the privacy of those proceedings and I am therefore unable to comment further.

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