Lawmaker calls for special session to override Governor Fallin's veto

Lawmaker calls for special session to override Governor's veto (KTUL)

An Oklahoma lawmaker wants to call for another special session. State Senator Nathan Dahm says he is fighting for constitutional rights after his bill was vetoed by Governor Mary Fallin.

Senate Bill 1212 would have allowed citizens to have and bear firearms with no training, no permit.

“Seems like she is somewhat out of touch or out of step with the majority of Oklahomans. So this would allow us the opportunity to correct measures she has vetoed,” said Dahm.

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But the governor’s office says it would be unconstitutional for lawmakers to attempt to override a veto, once session is adjourned. And at least one lawmaker is against it.

“The governor is well within her power to veto, and we voted while we were in session. I certainly was a no on 1212,” said State Rep. Regina Goodwin.

It would take a 2/3rd majority to call a special session, by the lawmakers, alone. Goodwin does not feel this issue would attract the support it would require.

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