Legal guardian for vulnerable adults charged in $200K embezzlement scheme


A woman is charged after an alleged embezzlement scheme involving a Broken Arrow foundation that helps vulnerable adults, but it turns out a clerical error resulted in the wrong woman being charged.

Leslie E. Mansfield, 56, is accused of embezzling around $200,000 from several adults for whom she was a court-ordered guardian. The victims were all clients of the Gatesway Foundation in Broken Arrow, which provides services to intellectually challenged adults.

The Gatesway Foundation says an employee helped lead investigators to the money that had been missing in the crimes. Mansfield was not affiliated with the Gatesway Foundation but was responsible for providing her clients' bank statements to the foundation.

The alleged embezzlement began in 2012, according to the Gatesway Foundation. Mansfield is accused of embezzling nearly $90,000 from the accounts of four Gatesway Foundation clients and another $90,000 from the account of a man who had died.

Mansfield has been charged with embezzlement and exploitation of vulnerable adults, according to court records. However, the Broken Arrow Police Department says a clerical error resulted in the wrong Mansfield being charged.

A police spokesperson says there are two people named Leslie Mansfield in the Tulsa metro, including 38-year-old Leslie Ann Mansfield who was incorrectly charged.

BAPD says the original felony arrest warrant is being pulled and a new one issued. It's not clear how long it will take until court records are updated.

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