Local partnership offers veterans new opportunities

Local partnership offers veterans new opportunities (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) – Our Troops Services recently partnered with Cody Nichols’ landscaping company, which is helping veterans find a job this spring.

Lee Payne said he sees this as an opportunity he hasn’t had in a while.

“I’m back to work,” he said. “I own my own home and car and got my family back together.”

Payne is a Marine veteran.

“I served eight years, three years of combat,” he said. “I served overseas in Okinawa, Thailand, Korea, been all around the world to back here, dealing with a little PTSD problems. I’m getting treatment for that.”

This is something Nichols said he shares in common with Payne.

“I’m a veteran as well,” Nichols said. “When I got out of the Marine Corps, I had a drinking problem. I got two DUIs and ended up going through the Veteran’s Treatment Court program.”

He said he eventually got clean and started his own landscaping company. Nichols just began teaming up with Our Troops Services to help veterans like Payne find work.

“We love to employ veterans,” he said. “Veterans are always our priority. To be able to give part of that back to the community and to fellow veterans, what else would you live for?”

Payne said it is helping him ease back into the world.

“I’m living again,” he said. “I’m not just existing. I’m not reclusive. Due to PTSD, sometimes you just want to stay by yourself in the house. I’m getting back out, I’m getting back to working, I’m finding a sense of worth.”

Our Troops Services is operated by local veterans and service people in the Tulsa area.

Veterans looking for jobs can call Marcus Morgan at 918-408-8123 or stop by the Our Troops Consignment store located at 11118 East Admiral Boulevard.

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