Love thy neighbor...with a new home

A West Tulsa family is getting a new home for free thanks to the community. (Clemmer/KTUL)

It happened gradually over a period of 25 years, the decay of the home of Mike and Becky Jefferson.

"We spent all our savings trying to get it fixed up and it was beyond fixing," said Mike.

Mike works delivery for Mazzio's, and when he isn't doing that...

"When he's off work he's out helping other people less fortunate than he is," said realtor Linda Fitzgerald, who first approached the Jefferson's about a program to get them a new roof, but things were a little beyond that point, what with the wiring fire.

"A guy took us to the cleaners trying to get it fixed, and it never got fixed," said Mike.

With no electricity, they were using a generator for power. And then there was the incident with the tree.

"A huge tree in the back fell on the house and caved the roof in," said Linda.

All of which gave Linda an idea, she had just helped a local company purchase some property which had a house on it that would otherwise be demolished.

"So I went to Holly and said would you donate this?" said Linda.

They said yes, and the next thing you know…

"Yeah it surprised me, I've never asked for help, and somebody comes up and asked me if I want help," said Mike.

Their old house, set to be demolished. Followed by their new house being moved to their current lot.

"Good way to start a new year, isn't it?" said retired police officer Roy Heim, a community member volunteering his time to help make it happen. Why?

"You know, why not?" he said.

"These are community people just helping other people in the community," said Tulsa City Councilor, Jeannie Cue.

And doing so without the Jefferson's ever actually asking for help.

"This couple does not ask for any help," said Linda.

"There's a lot of good people out on this side of town," said Mike.

Love thy neighbor, taken to lengths in west Tulsa.

"This is a great way to show people stepping up," said councilor Cue.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the Jeffersons if you'd like to assist them.

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