Man arrested for child abuse; infant in critical condition

Collins, 24, was arrested on charges of child abuse and child neglect. (KTUL)

Tulsa Police arrested Zachary Collins around 7:30 Saturday morning after a baby arrived in an ambulance to Saint Francis Hospital with injuries.

According to officers, a mother of three children, ages three, 21 months and eight months, left for work around 9:30 Friday night. She left Collins, her 24-year-old boyfriend, to care for her children while she was away.

When the mother returned home to their apartment near 61st and Peoria, she found Collins on the couch with her 21-month-old child and noticed the baby was not doing well. She said he had bruising on his lips, forehead and torso.

She quickly called Collins's mother to come to the apartment to check on the baby. When his mother got there, she determined the infant was in critical condition and called for an ambulance.

The 21 month old was transported the Saint Francis Hospital with multiple serious injurious that were inflicted, not accidental. The baby sustained bruising on his forehead, face and abdomen, as well as a swollen lip. Doctors later found out the child also had a massive brain bleed.

Collins was taken in for questioning. He told initially told detectives the three year old pushed the 21 month old off a bed onto a concrete floor causing the injuries.

After police explained the extensive injuries the child had, Collins ended up admitting to picking the baby up, slamming his head into a wall, punching him in the stomach and then slamming him onto a couch. Collins said when he slammed the infant on the couch, the baby immediately fell onto the concrete floor on his head.

Collins told detectives he was frustrated with the baby for not letting him sleep. So just after midnight, he took action to quiet the child.

He said when he picked the 21 month old up off the floor, he realized the baby was injured. Collins said he wiped blood from the infant's face and put him on the couch with him to sleep.

Collins said he didn't contact anyone for medical attention for the baby. He even fell asleep on the couch with the critically injured child next to him, until the child's mother arrived home at 7:30 a.m.

He admitted to drinking a six pack of beer and a half pint of tequila earlier in the evening.

Collins was arrested on charges of child abuse and child neglect.

The infant is in critical condition and officials say the child's injuries are likely not survivable.

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