Man featured on A&E's 'Live PD' says police profiled, stalked him

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- A Tulsa man featured on a recent episode of A&E's "Live PD" says he was profiled on the show.

Randy Wallace says he's never been affiliated with any gangs or had any violent convictions, but he says a Tulsa police officer who serves as a consultant on the show accused him of such.

"Basically, he profiled me as a gang member," Wallace said Wednesday at a news conference alongside We The People Oklahoma. "I have never been convicted of any gang (affiliation). I have never been convicted of any violent crimes."

Wallace says he encountered Sgt. Sean Larkin, a member of the Tulsa Police Department's Gang Task Force, five separate times during the course of filming.

During one of the early encounters, Wallace says he recognized Larkin as an officer who accused people in fake drug cases around the neighborhood.

"I knew of him, basically that's when it all started," said Wallace. "It kind of angered me at the time, it kind of confused me."

He says the film crew along with task force members showed up at his home, asking him to sign a disclaimer so he could be featured on the show.

Wallace says he signed the release during the fifth encounter at which time the crew paid him $40 for his participation.

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"He said he was going to put me on a TV show, but they didn't say anything about going to accuse me of being a gang member," said Wallace.

Wallace does admit to previous drug convictions and an incident as a teenager when he was caught with a large knife, but he believes he was targeted by the task force and he says Larkin stalked him to get him to participate in the show.

"He slandered me as far as being a gang member and affiliate, he slandered me really bad," said Wallace. "That's why I approached him about paying me and signing the disclaimer."

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan says Wallace's description of the encounter with Larkin "was grossly misrepresented."

"There were no indications of racial bias or harassment during hte encounter," Jordan said in a news release. "In Wallace's own video from earlier, the officers ttalking to Wallace after he approached them were courteous and respectful."

Jordan went on to say that a cellphone video Wallace placed at his news conference Wednesday confirmed Larkin told him he had nothing to do with contracts and Wallace should talk to the camera crew.

TPD recently ended its contract with A&E, but Marq Lewis and Laurie Phillip with We The People are asking to review the contract. They say they have not seen the disclaimer Wallace signed.

Phillips says it appears Wallace was targeted and wonders if police provided the film crew with Wallace's home address.

Lewis says they plan to file a complaint with the police department to determine whether officers followed protocol in their encounters with Wallace.

Jordan says Lewis has not contacted him or the Internal Affairs Unit to express concerns. The police chief's complete statement is below:

Regarding this morning’s press conference by We the People and Mr. Wallace.
The entire encounter between Wallace and Sgt. Larkin was grossly misrepresented.
The encounter was a casual contact initiated by Larkin who did not exhibit an aggressive enforcement style posture and in fact remained seated in his vehicle. His only statement to the individuals by a car with the trunk open was “What’s in the trunk guys?” The other individual with Wallace chose to walk away as Wallace could have also done. He was in no way detained and was free to leave. Once Wallace went into his rant, Larkin attempted to deescalate the situation to no avail and ultimately ended the encounter and drove away.
There were no indications of racial bias or harassment during the encounter.
In Wallace’s own video from earlier, the officers talking to Wallace after he approached them were courteous and respectful.
The assertion that officers were paid by Live PD is absurd and patently false. The only person paid by the production company was Wallace who demanded $40 to sign the release so that they could use him in the video.
Mr. Wallace’s own video that he played at the press conference confirmed that Larkin told him that they had nothing to do with any contracts and that he should talk to the camera crew.
I am approached regularly by north Tulsa citizens who wish to air concerns and improve relationships in the community. In other words, to find solutions.
Mr. Lewis does not choose to contact me or the Internal Affairs Unit to express concerns.
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