Man finds card skimmer at Tulsa ATM

An Oklahoma City man discovered a card skimmer at an ATM at Tulsa Hills over the weekend. (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- An Oklahoma City police officer made a shocking discovery in Tulsa over the weekend. He found a card skimmer at a local ATM.

“When I was pushing in the buttons, it was something different, it just didn’t feel right," said Master Sgt. Corey Nooner.

It can happen anywhere.

“I was about to decide how much money to take out, and then I glanced at the keyboard and it looked just so new," said Nooner.

And to anyone.

“I’m a police officer for Oklahoma City, and I had been through some fraud training," said Nooner.

Nooner nearly became the victim in an ATM scam.

“And I thought oh man this doesn't look right at all," said Nooner.

He visited an ATM at Tulsa Hills over the weekend.

“Kind of started pulling on it, and it pulled away from the machine and at that point I knew there was something up," said Nooner.

He posted photos on social media showing a keypad scanner protruding from the ATM.

“This was new I had never seen a keyboard replacement like that," said Nooner.

Even after 21 years in law enforcement.

“There’s some things you just can’t prevent if someone wants to put a skimmer on your ATM, they’re going to put a skimmer on your ATM," said Tulsa Police Officer Jeanne Mackenzie.

Mackenzie says these readers have Bluetooth.

“The individual that placed it there would have to have been close in order to get the numbers off of it," said Mackenzie.

Making each transaction even more dangerous.

“It doesn’t matter what bank you are at or where you’re banking you just need to be self aware, when you're walking to these ATMs don’t be afraid to walk up and grab onto that card reader and make sure it doesn’t come off in your hand," said Nooner.

Bank of Oklahoma released the following statement:

On Sunday, Bank of Oklahoma security officials were made aware that someone had illegally attached a ‘shimming device’ to one of our ATMs. After securing the ATM, we worked with our local law enforcement officials to launch an investigation into the issue. Through the investigation, we found the ‘shimmer’ had been placed on the ATM for a very short period of time, and it appears to be an isolated incident. These devices are typically recovered by the perpetrators, and that is how information could be compromised. We were able to obtain the device, and though this bodes well for our clients’ security, we are continuing to investigate. We take security very seriously at the Bank of Oklahoma, and we always do everything we can to protect our customers’ information.
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