Man kicked out of SQ 788 meeting may take legal action

Man kicked out of SQ 788 meeting may take legal action (KTUL)

Chip Paul with Oklahomans for Health was forcibly removed by Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton from a State Question 788 forum on Monday, and now, he may take legal action against the sheriff's department.

Paul's wife, Cynthia, recorded the whole thing on her phone.

SQ 788 is all about the legalization of medical marijuana, and the forum was made up of those opposed to it.

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Walton said Paul was constantly raising his hand and talking and laughing out loud in the back, creating a disturbance.

"That individual was asked to be quiet and refrain from his comments until the end," said Walton.

After asking him to leave several times, Walton said he had no choice but to use force.

"I place my hands on his head. He was compliant; he went outside," said Walton.

Paul saw things a little differently that night.

"He physically grabbed me. He physically grabbed my throat, and he rammed me through the door," said Paul. "I was assaulted last night."

He tells us he never talked out loud and never caused a disturbance.

"I was not aggressive. I was not loud. I did not break a law," said Paul.

Paul said Walton singled him out, because he thought he was there with an agenda: to cause trouble.

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"There were others in the room equally as disruptive, but I think this man had an agenda there," said Walton.

"To say that this was organized in any way, that is a ridiculous assertion. There were two people from my organization there, and that was my wife and I," said Paul.

But Walton stands by his actions.

"Looking back at everything, I've got no regrets. I'm certainly not going to apologize for doing what my job is to maintain order in a situation like this," said Walton.

Paul said he's meeting with his attorneys to talk about possible legal action against the Rogers County Sheriff's Department.

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