Man paints Tulsa veteran's home after act of kindness

Sherwyn Williams is donating at least 30 gallons of paint for the project. (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla., (KTUL) -- A deserving wounded veteran received quite the surprise today with a free paint job on his home.

It all started with a simple act of kindness months ago.

This was no regular news conference at the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff wasn’t giving details on the latest random act of violence in Tulsa.

Instead it’s a random act of kindness for James Martin.

"We’re presenting he and his wife Anna with a free and complete house painting job that started this morning when he left his house," said Sheriff Vic Regalado.

Martin is a wounded veteran. He founded Oklahoma Wounded Veterans and he’s needed a home makeover for some time.

“It’s been years of needing to get done, but not having the time or the funds to do it," said Martin.

But this gesture didn’t come without a price; three dollars to be specific.

Deputy Tracey Lewis bought a meal for Tom Barbour months ago.

Barbour works for CertaPro Painting.

In June, he was behind Lewis in line at a McDonald's in Chandler, Oklahoma, before she drove away.

Since then Tom wanted to pay it forward. His solution was to paint Martin’s home for free.

“Everyone needs to wake up this morning and decide who am I going to treat nice today," said Barbour.

Tom says deputy Lewis’ little gesture of paying for his lunch did more than fill his belly, it gave him perspective.

Now in drive thrus he sits there thinking of who he can help next.

“I already told him next year [he] gets to pick the house," said Barbour.

“It’s amazing that that cheeseburger can get a veteran’s house painted," said Lewis.

Three people now connected through one meal. Looks like the giving spirit is on the menu today.

Sherwyn Williams is donating at least 30 gallons of paint for the project.

Work on the house should wrap up Saturday afternoon.

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