Man paralyzed in football accident loses nearly everything in apartment fire

Man paralyzed in football accident loses nearly everything in apartment fire (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Residents from the Riverchase Apartments continue cleaning up after a fire destroyed 16 units earlier this week.

One man continues to get hit with what many would say is bad luck, but he continues to get through it with a smile.

Over the last few weeks, Emeka Nnaka has had to rely on others to get him where he needs to be, but that isn't the norm.

"Not having a vehicle has cramped my style," Nnaka said.

Nnaka totaled his wheelchair-friendly truck, then his dad and primary caretaker broke his ankle.

“The next thing with the apartment catching on fire," Nnaka said.

He lives at the apartment complex that burned Wednesday afternoon and lost most of his belongings.

“When my mom called me out of breath, I was like, 'What is going on?'” Nnaka said.

Thankfully, Nnaka was at work when flames ignited, but he and 15 other tenants are now homeless.

As his friends and family sort through his things, Nnaka is forced to sit on the sidelines.

He was paralyzed during a football game when he was 21. Since then, he has done so much to give back including sharing his story and raising money for United Way.

"This city has embraced me, and I've embraced this city," Nnaka said.

He won't let a fire or any obstacle get in his way.

“If something is fighting me this much, then I need to keep fighting even harder until I get to the other side of the blessings," Nnaka said.

Through the fire, no car and the pouring rain, Nnaka's smile is shining through the gray skies.

"I am no one special, but I have a lot of special people who back me up and for that, I say thank you," Nnaka said.

If you would like to donate, a GoFundMe page is set up for Nnaka.

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