Man pulls gun during robbery at 71st and Riverside QuikTrip

Police say a man pulled a gun at QuikTrip early Thursday morning. The suspect wore a ski mask and dark-colored clothing. (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- A south Tulsa QuikTrip is back open after an armed robbery early Thursday morning.

Police combed the area near 71st and Riverside, dispatching K9 officers to search for a man who pulled a gun inside the store and made off with cash and cigarettes.

Officers responded around 3 a.m. They say the man wore a ski mask and dark clothing and was armed with a semi-automatic gun.

No one was injured but police say the robbery knew what he was doing.

"He didn't seem in a hurry, which suggests he had a plan of action and he followed it."

Police stopped several cars looking for the suspect but so far haven't tracked him down.

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