Man takes rescue to shelter with plans to adopt, says dog was euthanized anyway

    Man takes rescue to shelter with plans to adopt, says dog was euthanized anyway (Courtesy of Adam Cooper)

    Adam Cooper says he took a stray dog to Tulsa Animal Welfare in hopes of finding its owner, but instead says the dog was euthanized.

    When he met Nixon, he knew the dog was special.

    “I told him to sit, he sat immediately and from there I told him to come to me and he came right to me,” Cooper said.

    He was headed out of town and was hopeful to find Nixon’s owner, so he took him to TAW.

    “I gave them my business card and told them to please call me if they were going to put him to sleep,” Cooper said.

    He says he also made a donation to get food for Nixon and as a plea to keep him safe until he could come adopt him should Nixon’s owners not come forward.

    “They told me he was good until at least February 4th,” Cooper said.

    TAW says typically a stray is held for a minimum of three days, unless someone is interested in the animal.

    Something Cooper and his friend Jan Sullivan said they both expressed multiple times throughout the week.

    “There were notes in the system that he was going to be adopted, I was assured he was going to be OK,” Sullivan said.

    When she called on the 31st to check on Nixon, she was given the news that Nixon was put down.

    “Saying that it was human error, they made a mistake, the notes didn’t get into the system,” Sullivan said. “It is just pretty disgusting.”

    “I can’t believe that when the dog has a home, they would take no consideration into that,” Cooper said.

    Late last year Mayor G.T. Bynum introduced an initiative to improve the shelter with a push to lower the euthanasia rates, but Sullivan isn't sure that will be enough.

    “This to me is a whole different part of it,” she said. “Errors like this shouldn’t happen. It is a life.”

    The mayor says more staffing should be in place before April.

    The assistant director of TAW said she could not comment about policies at the shelter on this specific incident.

    The director did not return our calls immediately.

    The shelter says they are running at full capacity constantly and euthanizing animals is inevitable right now. They hope the mayor’s initiative will help with that.

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