Mannford Police Department uses real scenarios to prepare for active shooter

    Mannford Police Department uses real scenarios to prepare for active shooter (KTUL)

    MANNFORD, Okla. (KTUL) -- As the school year starts, many districts are preparing for the worst -- an active shooter on campus.

    For the first time Wednesday, the Mannford Police Department put the school's facility through extensive training.

    "They're actually taking this seriously, and they're not just like, 'Oh, that will never happen here,'" said Madison Hutsell, a junior at Mannford High School.

    To make sure Mannford faculty are prepared, the police department worked with one of the school's principals, who is also a reserve officer, to get a good idea of what training was needed.

    "One of my training officers had a rifle shooting blanks," explained Chief Lucky Miller. " One of the training officers fired off 50 rounds and held a sign to different faculty members that either said they were injured or dead."

    A key part was making sure everyone knew the difference between fireworks and gun fire.

    Hutsell said a shooter coming into class is now always in the back of her mind.

    "I can't understand how someone could actually do that and shoot kids," said Hutsell.

    She's thankful her teachers are ready now for anything.

    "I like that we're prepared, so we're a lot safer than what has happened. So not a lot of people are killed," said Hutsell.

    Miller said that's the reason why they do this training.

    "We're at that point in our society," said Miller. "In the event that this does occur, it's going to be mass chaos. It's going to be run, hide, fight."

    Miller said they plan to continue doing these trainings.

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