Marijuana proponent issues $500K challenge

Entrepreneur Chris Barnett is putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to supporting the legalization of marijuana. (File/KTUL)

As campaigns go, the push to legalize marijuana has been predominately a bare bones grassroots effort.

"We’re running low on our money, because we funded this out of our pockets," said Isaac Caviness of Green the Vote, not resting on his laurels with the success of 788, but pushing onward for two constitutional initiatives, and pushing for donations to help make it happen.

"I really wish that these people that are looking at becoming millionaires in this industry would put up some of the money that as a part of their business plan you know," he said.

Down the street at a soon to be ex-liquor store, the owner is proposing a way to help move the effort forward.

"We’re selling all of our inventory, and we’re planing to make this a medical marijuana dispensary," said entrepreneur Chris Barnett, ready to dive into the industry and do his part to make sure it takes off.

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"Between now and August 1, I’ll match dollar for dollar up to $500,000 all donations made to Green the Vote," Barnett said.

How are donations rolling in right now?

"We’re bringing in roughly around $500 a day is what’s being donated to us right now," said Caviness.

For Barnett, the half million challenge is to help build a war chest for potential legal matters.

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"Voters speak loud and clear, and if the state of Oklahoma tries again to silence those voters and try to change the rules, I’m confident that they’ll have the money needed to bring legal challenge," Barnett said.

Pushing for green to help Green the Vote with the campaign just heating up.

"If they are worried about the over-regulations that are happening with 788, then donate $500, donate $1,000, donate some money to us so that we can get these other ones not only on the ballot but get a yes vote on them so that their investment can be protected," said Caviness.

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