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"Mean Moms": the latest form of cyber-bullying

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TULSA - The prevailing form of cyber-bullying isn't the ol' "mean kid" in class.

The latest research shows the majority of people who are bullies--and get bullied--are adults, and it often starts with parenting advice that crosses the proverbial line.

Most of us have some sort of opinion on child-rearing; most of us haven't always had a worldwide platform.

Kristy DeBoer, Tulsa blogger, knows first-hand how these so-called "mean moms" (and dads) are out of control.

"[It was] to the point of crying, or calling my husband, deleting things," said DeBoer.

Her "Just Happy Mommy" blog focuses on parenthood, and includes not-so-finer moments. One entry discusses the darker side of postpartum depression.

DeBoer says while most reaction to the blog was mainly positive, she was shocked to read negative responses online regarding getting treatment for depression.

"A lot of the judgment came from taking any sort of medication, and that's just ignorance," said DeBoer.

Steve Hahn, Director for the Anti-Bully Collaboration with the Parent Child Center of Tulsa, urges bullying victims not to retaliate. Parents, he said, need to be good examples for children so the cycle of bullying in youths and adults can end.

"People simply don't grow out of it," said Hahn.

If the situation escalates, Hahn suggests private messaging the bully and kindly asking the person to remove the post. Facebook has a safety center dedicated to resources for these situations.

DeBoer chose to ignore the comments.

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She has taken the high road--it's where her "real" friends live.

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