Medium tries to help find missing Welch girls

Natasha Brock found these bones in her search for the remains of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman. (Clemmer/KTUL)

"I just want people to know that heaven is real the angels are real," said Natasha Brock. She describes herself as a medium and an investigator.

"I do hypnosis work where I'm able to put people into a light trance in order to access information and clues about missing people," she said.

And she's been talking to people about Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman, who have now been missing for 19 years.

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"I believe that they're buried out here," she said.

Today, she took Lauria's mom to a location where she found some bones, hopeful the search would finally be over.

"Well the minute I looked I said, girls, these are not human remains, these are remains of animals,'" said Lorene Bible.

For Lorene, the trek was part of her follow-every-lead philosophy.

"I will go look, I will go see, I will go hunt, I'll do whatever I need to to bring my child home," she said.

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We interviewed her outside the Craig County courthouse where nine months ago Ronnie Busick, was brought in to face murders charges for the deaths of Lauria, Ashley, and Ashley's parents, and is undergoing a mental competency evaluation.

Does Lorene think he knows what happened to the girls?

"He knows, he knows. He was friends with two men and you don't go around in a group without knowing what the other ones are doing, you know that, you know 100 percent," she said.

Meanwhile, back at the chat piles.

"I just want this mother to finally get the peace that she deserves after 20 years," said Brock.

Hope from those doing what they can, welcomed by the unwavering persistence of a mom.

"Well when you know this is your child, and you're trying everything you can do to bring your child home, whether they be alive or dead, you'll do whatever it takes," she said.

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