Midtown burglary victim holds suspects until police arrive

Midtown burglary victim holds suspects until police arrive (Courtesy Tulsa County Jail)

Tulsa police arrested two burglary suspects Saturday in midtown after a victim and another man held them until police could arrive.

Officers responded to a burglary call at an apartment complex near East 51st Street and South Yale Avenue shortly after noon.

A man called and informed police he had briefly left his apartment and believed someone was inside when he returned.

Upon arrival, officers were let inside the apartment by the victim, who gave them a key.

As officers entered the apartment, two men exited through a bedroom window and fled on foot.

The victim and another man observed the suspects leaving through the window and tackled them near the parking lot, according to police.

Officers quickly left the apartment and arrested both suspects.

The suspects are identified as Mark Williams, 26, and Combs Whitaker, 51.

Police say they recovered property from the suspects, including tools, loose change and jewelry that belonged to the victim.

Whittaker and Williams were both arrested and charged with second degree burglary.

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