Missing woman's boyfriend found dead

Samantha Puckett has been missing since the beginning of November. (Mummolo/KTUL)

She's been missing since the beginning of November, but finally, Tuesday morning, there was some movement in the case of finding Samantha Puckett.

"Friend of a friend had notified us that something was going on," said Samantha's father Paul Puckett, learning that the body of their daughter's boyfriend had been found dead, of an apparent suicide. Ending a relationship they say that was riddled with domestic violence.

"The abuse had gotten worse and the last incident was absolutely horrific," said Samantha's mother Cherie Puckett.

They had been together for seven years, they say, and yet during that time there were never any restraining orders.

"No she would never go to the police, that was going to get us killed for sure," said Cherie Puckett.

And while that chapter of the story is closed, the central question of where's Samantha remains open, with police searching around the property for any signs of her.

"They're hoping that there seems to be that, or belief that she might have gotten to another place," she said.

Is it optimism and yet bracing for the potential worst that he did this possibly because he did something to Samantha? "Certainly, I mean that's always a concern and you don't, you want to hope for the best and prepare for the worst and we have to keep prayers alive and all the hope going, and we want to hope for the possibly best outcome that we can, and that's what we're doing right now," said her father.

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