MLK Jr. Day parade draws thousands on its 40th year of celebration in downtown Tulsa

40 years of love and appreciation for MLK continues to run deep in streets of Downtown Tulsa. (KTUL)

Honoring the dream - America celebrates the legacy and vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In Tulsa, a weekend full of events ended in a huge parade Monday morning.

"It's all about being inclusive and commemorative of this time and his dream and his commitment to civil rights," said David Harris, Chapter Dean of Alpha Phi Alpha.

Among those bundled up in the crowd, mother Brittany Byron, using this as a teachable moment for her young son.

"Martin Luther King Jr. was about freedom and equality," said Byron. "I thought it would be a neat experience for him."

And in another spot along the rails, big sister Hayleigh Lamb trying to set an example for her two younger siblings.

"I think it's kind of important to expose to them to this parade and MLK because they need to know about segregation and equality," said Lamb. "I'm all about that."

"I'm really proud that they do a parade and honor that," said 10-year-old Jocelin Lamb.

It's the biggest turnout to date, and this parade just hit 40. 40 years of love and appreciation for MLK continues to run deep in streets of downtown Tulsa. No matter what's going on around the world, this parade and this day, brings people together to creates hope.

"We've come a long way since the past," said Kenny Bewley. "I think it's important to celebrate that and celebrate how we're coming together as a country."

So, the dream lives on today, tomorrow and for future generations.

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