Mobile response & stabilization services for foster families

Trained therapists with Family and Children's Services respond to emergency situations involving foster families.

With the closing of the Laura Dester children's center in Tulsa, there's a new effort to help the 1400 foster children in Tulsa County.

Family and Children's Services in Tulsa is working to stabilize the lives of those children.

"Here is our Crisis Call Center. Anybody who is calling here is going to be able to speak with a clinician 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. So when someone with a foster family is having some type of difficulty or something is going on this is where they are going to call," said Amanda Bradley, Program Director for Copes, Family and Children's Services.

Bradley said the agency developed a new program with the COPES team that's called the family stabilization team.

"If it's a Saturday and things are going wrong and you can't reach anyone else, there is always someone here to be able to help those individuals and those families," Bradley said.

Bradley said when they receive a call they'll try and stabilize the situation over the phone. If they hit a dead end then staff members try a different approach.

"We have therapists that are trained as well as case managers that works in teams of two. They'll go out to the home is that is necessary for us to provide the mobile response and we work with the family and children on scene," Bradley said.

Once they fix the emergency situation, the responders connect the families with services.

Bradley said the goal is to keep foster children in Tulsa County from bouncing from home to home.

"Helping the parents and families that they are staying with understand those pieces that they are going through and be as supportive for those kids is our goal," Bradley said.

Family and Children's Services in Tulsa is the first agency in the state to start this program.

The number to the Crisis Call Center is 918-744-4800.

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