MobileSmiles brings free dental care to Tulsa children

MobileSmiles brings free dental care to Tulsa children (KTUL)

A trip to the dentist can be expensive, but it can also save you a lot of pain and even more money down the line.

To help with that price tag, there is a group that call themselves MobileSmiles.

"It's really not supported well across the board for everyone," said Sarah Martin with MobileSmiles. "We like to provide that kind of care and help our patients in whatever capacity they need, when otherwise they wouldn't have those resources."

This week, OU Community Health secured a grant to bring MobileSmiles Caring Van to Tulsa, providing free dental care for twelve patients a day over a three day period.

"We had a family yesterday, a mother with four children," said Leslie Christopher with MobileSmiles. "It was gratifying to see, and she was just so happy and ecstatic getting the dental work done. She had no other options. No sooner care or anything like that. The cost of the dental care was probably at least a couple thousand dollars for that family that we provided."

Sometimes, dental care takes the back seat because it may seem cosmetic, but these dentists say that's a mistake far too many make.

"Someone who has severe decay in their mouth, that leads to infection," Martin said. "Infection in the body is not a good thing. Even things like flossing, most people tell us they do, but we can tell on the x-rays. Just flossing can add up to two years on their lifespan."

With this instance of providing care for children, they hope to set families on the right path. And the patients seem to really appreciate it.

"It was really nice to be able to do that for free," patient Greydi Valdez said. "It's great because it gives people the opportunity to go to the dentist who wouldn't normally get to."

MobileSmiles hopes to make this a regular stop, so they can follow up with their patients in about six months time.

For information on when and where the van will be making a stop, how to sponsor MobileSmiles or set up an appointment, you can visit their website or call them at 405-

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