Mom says 17-year-old son beaten by man in road rage incident

Mom says 17-year-old son beaten by man in road rage incident (KTUL)

Too frightened to show her face on camera, and too angry to keep quiet. A woman told us about the day her 17-year-old son was beaten by a grown man on Mother’s Day.

"Of the 21, 22 Mother's Days so far, this is absolutely the worst. I would not wish this on anyone,” she said.

It all started with a case of road rage.

The mother said her son noticed an aggressive driver along 81st Street near Mingo.

"Almost ran over a cyclist,” she said.

She said the driver quickly turned his anger toward her son.

A video, taken by the cyclist who was almost hit, shows the driver blocking the truck of the woman's son in the parking lot of a Jiffy Lube, which was closed at the time.

"The gentleman came around to the driver's side of my son's truck and became extremely aggressive, was screaming profanity at him,” said the mother.

Moments later, the mother said the man punched her son in the face, leaving him with a black eye and knocking out one of his teeth.

"He was hit and knocked unconscious briefly,” said the mother.

The mother said she hasn't slept well since then and can't help but to feel like she did something wrong.

"Feeling that you failed to protect your child in some way,” she said.

She said as long as this guy is on the loose, drivers everywhere should be concerned.

Police said they’re investigating the case.

If caught, the driver could face felony assault and battery charges.

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