Mom: Son stabbed in the ear with a sucker stick on school bus

A Nowata family is furious with the school district there after a mom said her 10-year-old son was stabbed in the ear with a sucker stick. (KTUL)

A Nowata family is furious with the school district there after a mom said her 10-year-old son was stabbed in the ear with a sucker stick.

It may sound like typical kid stuff but it’s turned into a major problem.

“I think this is how long the sucker stick was,” said Tobbeey, holding up a sucker.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Brandy Dick said, the photo of her son’s bloody ear says it all.

“I felt it go in, once it hit my eardrum, it started hurting,” said Tobbeey.

He said it happened Thursday while he was riding the bus home. Tobbeey said another student stuck a sucker stick into his ear. Now he has a ruptured eardrum and needs to see a specialist.

“Boys being boys is playing around, wrestling around,” said Brandy. “This is not kidding. This is something (more) serious.”

Brandy said this isn’t the first time her son has been picked on. She said it started at the beginning of the school year when Tobbeey was wearing shoes with his favorite color on them -- pink.

“I hated it, when my aunt had breast cancer and my grandma did,” said Tobbeey.

Brandy’s mother and sister both battled breast cancer. Her mother later died of a different type of cancer. She said her mother died two weeks before her sister had a double mastectomy.

“I almost lost my mom and sister all at once. My sister is (Tobbeey’s) hero,” said Brandy.

Nowata Superintendent Leon Ashlock said the kids who picked on Tobbeey on the bus weren’t in school Friday. He couldn’t go into any other details but said the school has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullying.

“What I’ve seen, this wasn’t an ongoing bullying issue, this was a one-time incident that happened on the bus,” said Ashlock. “I’ve visited with principal, if there was any track record or anything. We have no records of anything being reported.”

But Tobbeey's mom said otherwise.

“Me and my son have been in the office so much this year. The principal acts like she gets irritated, she gets annoyed with me going to her about it,” said Brandy.

“I feel like I’m not safe, because every time I go to the principal’s office they say it’s my fault because I always start it, but I’m not the one starting it,” said Tobbeey.

Ashlock said anytime they have a report of bullying they make sure to take it seriously.

“There’s no point, that doesn’t benefit us to not address that behavior because if we don’t address it, it just continues to grow. There’s no reason why we wouldn’t want to address that,” said Ashlock.

Tobbeey stayed home from school Friday. Brandy is hoping to take him to a specialist soon to see what they can do about helping him hear again.

After Channel 8 spoke with Ashlock he said he planned on calling Brandy. She said he did call shortly after and she felt like it was a good conversation, but more needs to be addressed.

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