More than 300 TPS teachers resigning amidst contract renewal deadline

More than 300 TPS teachers resigning amidst contract renewal deadline

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- More than 300 Tulsa Public School teachers are calling it quits.

Signed contracts are due today for TPS teachers, but how many are coming back?

A 16-year veteran teacher is saying goodbye to the classroom.

"It's a better opportunity for my family, to get my son into college, to provide for my family," Edison teacher John Croisant said.

Croisant is one of 320 teachers so far choosing to leave Tulsa Public Schools this year.

"I worked really hard with a lot of our teachers to be able to get a teacher pay raise this year and unfortunately it just isn't enough," Croisant said.

That $6,000 pay raise promised to teachers during the two week walkout is still up in the air.

As a teacher, soccer coach, husband and a father, Croisant had to make a decision.

"An opportunity to maybe get $50,000 as a teacher here or make whatever I am willing to put the work into with my own business really pushed me to put my family first and start my own company," Croisant said.

He will be starting up an Allstate Insurance company.

Typically, TPS sees about 600 resignations a year, including those retiring.

"Overwhelmingly, I would say 99 percent of the letters that we are receiving are actual resignations," Director of School Talent Services Coy Nesbitt said.

So far, they are in better shape than in years past.

"I am hopeful that is because there is a possible raise that is coming," Nesbitt said.

Nesbitt says last year, TPS hired about 300 emergency certified teachers.

"We anticipate that we will continue to hire emergency certified teachers," Nesbitt said.

TPS needs 2,600 teachers to ensure a teacher in every classroom, and a pay raise would help.

Most of the contracts are mailed in, so final resignation numbers won't be out until early next week.

TPS is holding a job fair at 8 a.m. on June 7 at Rogers High School.

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