Mother facing child abuse murder is pregnant again

    Tiffani Paul; Mother facing child abuse murder (Courtesy of the Tulsa County Jail)

    Corporal Mark Kraft has been working in the Tulsa Police Department Child Crisis Unit for three years, but every case he deals with takes an emotional toll.

    "Any time a child gets abused in any way it would take a toll on anybody," said Cpl. Kraft. "Nobody wants to see or here that."

    Much like the one his department made an arrest for overnight, which was a one -year-old girl who police say died at the hands of her mother, Tiffani Paul.

    According to a court affidavit, Paul called 911 for her west Tulsa apartment near 61st and Union saying her daughter was struggling to breath.

    "We received a call from the hospital, the child has been transported there with some pretty significant head trauma," said Cpl. Kraft.

    Officials say, Paul originally told officers her daughter slipped in the bathtub and hit her head and then a few days later, fell on a toy, but police say her story didn't add up with the injuries on the child. When they started pushing her for more answers, that's when her story changes several more times."

    "There were a few different versions, I lost track," said Cpl. Kraft. "Once we had the doctor look at all of the injuries, we knew exactly what we had."

    Police say she ultimately admitted to the abusing her child. In the affidavit, she says she dropped the baby down a few steps and then told officers she threw the baby into a wall and waited weeks to call police.

    This is the first Child Abuse Homicide of 2019. Last year, Kraft said there were no cases. Typically Tulsa sees one, maybe two a year.

    "There's a lot of different reasons as to why a parent would abuse their child," said Cpl. Kraft. "The main ones we've seen are either the parent is on drugs or alcohol. Another one we see a lot is the parent just don't have the resources to care with a crying baby."

    Paul did say her daughter was a crier and difficult. When officers asked her why she did this she said, 'I don't know. I'm just tired.'

    "She might not have had the coping skills to deal with the stress of a baby," said Cpl. Kraft. "It happens, but there is no excuse to handle it the way that she did."

    Paul has another one-year-old son who is being cared for right now. Police also say she's also pregnant with another child right now. Officials are already making arrangements to have that new baby cared for.

    Paul remains behind bars facing Child Abuse Murder and Child Neglect.

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