Mother finds hope after unexpected good Samaritan pays for her car repair

Mother finds hope after unexpected good Samaritan pays for her car repair

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. (KTUL) -- A Jim Norton Chevy dealership manager does the right thing and helps a mother whose car broke down after leaving the hospital with her child.

"I've never felt so defeated," said Cassandra Cariker.

It was already a heartbreaking car ride home for Cariker who spent the day at St. Francis with her 1-year-old daughter.

"She was having seizures. She had just gotten her heart monitor taken off," said Cariker.

Then, an already terrible day gets worse after her car broke down.

"It's snowing. It's below freezing. My kids are in the car. I have absolutely no options right now. We are far away from home," said Cariker.

She said thankfully her car had just enough power to end up in front of the Jim Norton Chevy Dealership.

"God wanted us to be here. That's why we're here," said Cariker.

And that's where she met Jake Tudor, a service director for the dealership.

"I told her, it feels like you're here for a reason," said Tudor.

Cariker told him she was desperate to safely get her family home.

"We had just drained our savings account purchasing our house and our trips back to Tulsa," said Cariker.

Then, Tudor told her the repairs would cost $1,500.

"I said, 'I don't have that to give to you. I know that's not your problem'," said Cariker.

Then, Tudor knew this was a chance to help a family in need, especially with daughters of his own, and he offered to pay for the repair.

"That meant so much to me, and at that moment, I knew he was our guardian angel," said Cariker.

"Everybody has an opportunity to make an impact in somebody's life every single day," said Tudor.

Cariker hopes Tudor's gesture is a reminder that kindness can change the way someone looks at life.

"You hear so much bad in this world and see so much bad in this world, and I did not know people were so humble, helpful and honestly a blessing from God," said Cariker.

Not only did Tudor fix the car, but he also made sure all of Cariker's kids were fed before safely returning home to Tahlequah.

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