Mother located, hospitalized after baby found in carrier along interstate

An infant was discovered alongside I-40 Sept. 23 in Oklahoma City. (Photos courtesy of Roger Prater)

Police say that the mother of a baby left alongside the interstate in Oklahoma City has been located and hospitalized.

At approximately 4 p.m. Sept. 23, an individual driving a church van full of students observed a baby carrier about 10-feet from Interstate 40 near Triple X Road. The driver initially thought a doll was in the carrier but then noticed a baby's feet kicking from the carrier. The driver then pulled over and found a baby in the carrier.

An officer on scene observed that the baby was showing no signs of distress and estimated the infant could not have been left for over 30 minutes. The baby was then transported to the hospital where the baby was found to be in good health.

Documents were found at the carrier that led officers to the baby's mother. She was later found by OHP and hospitalized. Police are not commenting on why the woman was transported to the hospital. The baby remains in DHS custody at this time.

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