Mother of Lauria Bible speaks to alleged perpetrator

Lorene Bible, mother of Lauria Bible, spoke with Ronnie Busick to ask him where her daughter's remains are. (KTUL)

When Ronnie Busick arrived at Craig County Jail Wednesday, he made a remark about being willing to talk to the families of the missing girls.

"I'll talk to them," he said.

"Today, (Thursday) he was asked, 'Do you still want to talk to her?' and he said 'yes,'" said Lorene Bible.

For the first time in 18 years of searching for answers, the mother of Lauria Bible spoke with someone accused of being directly involved in her daughter's disappearance.

"I looked at him in the eyes today," Bible said.

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A one-on-one in the Craig County Jail, no one else in the room, with just a partition of glass between them.

"I went in, he was behind a glass door and he knew my name, 'cause the sheriff told him, 'Her name was Lorene,'" she said.

"I just told him I didn't come there to harass him. I didn't come there to upset him. I told him I come there as a mother trying to find her child," Bible said.

"And he says, 'I wish I could tell you. I wish I could tell you where your daughter is. I don't know, I don' know anything,'" she said.

It was similar to the response he gave to Lorene's brother when he asked about the girl's whereabouts.

"Do you want to tell me where my niece is at?" asked Lonnie LeForce.

"I wish'd I could. I don't have a clue," replied Busick.

"He knows," said Lorene.

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Her questioning persisted, at one point trying to get Busick to empathize she asked him, "Do you have children of your own? And him and his wife lost their baby when she was an infant to SIDS. Where is she? 'Well, we buried her.' She's in a cemetery somewhere. I don't have that. I need that," she said.

On this visit, however, denial and ignorance were the only answers she received. On this visit, 'cause "quit" isn't in Lorene's vocabulary.

"Tell them you want to talk to me again; I'll walk back in here and talk to you any time," she told him.

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