Mother says she discovered a bed bug at the Sand Springs Walmart

    Mother says she discovered a bed bug at the Sand Springs Walmart <p>{/p}

    SAND SPRINGS, Okla (KTUL) -- Walmart and the Health Department are investigating a woman's claim that she found a bed bug in the Sand Springs store.

    She said she found it while shopping for her baby. The woman took a picture of the bed bug, prompting a search to see if there are anymore.

    "It's pretty frustrating knowing that's the store I have to go to to buy diapers," said the woman who found the bed bug.

    She asked KTUL to not share her name.

    She said when looking for shoes for her 1-year-old she found the bed bug on her shoe. She then took the shoe to an employee.

    "They told her to put it in a plastic bag, and they asked them who found it and I said me. And they said you know it could've happened by it falling off someone while they tried it on. And I said yeah I doubt that," she said.

    Walmart said they're looking into the complaint. They're now investigating the area where the shoes are to see if there are any bed bugs.

    As of right now, they said they haven't found any evidence of bed bugs, but the mom said her pictures should be enough.

    "It's kind of disgusting, and usually that means there's a lot more. That means they are infested if it's just out there like that," she said.

    She's thankful she was paying attention or else she could've brought home bed bugs to her 1-year-old.

    "You can't just easily get rid of bed bugs. That's just a terrible thing to have, and that would've ruined everything cause she's a baby," she said.

    Walmart said they would let us know if they do find any bed bugs, and bring out an exterminator.

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