Muskogee teen says he was forcibly exposed by a student at a school party

Cody Beck says another student pulled his pants down, exposing his private parts to dozens of other kids at a school-sponsored event in Muskogee. (KTUL)

MUSKOGEE, Okla. (KTUL) -- A Muskogee woman and her son say he was bullied and harassed at a school-sponsored event last week, forcibly exposed to dozens of other students.

Shelly Beck and her son, Cody, are upset that the school isn't taking the situation more seriously. They think if Cody was a girl it would've been handled differently.

Last Friday night, Cody says another band member pulled his pants down, exposing his private parts to 50 to 60 other students at a school band party at the football stadium.

"I was just standing there, he came up behind me and pulled my pants down," said Cody.

He was humiliated and called his mom.

"My son was crying very hard, saying come and get me," said Shelly. "I said what's going on? He said, 'I've been exposed to the entire band'. I said what do you mean? He said 'my frontal, everything...they've seen everything. My pants were pulled down, underwear pulled down'."

Cody and his mom say neither the school nor campus police took immediate action.

"If this had been a girl, I know Muskogee would have done differently," said Shelly. "And that officer would have had compassion. But because it was a boy, it was kind of the attitude boys can be boys."

We spoke with Muskogee Public Schools Superintendent Mike Gard who declined an on-camera interview but said the school is taking punitive action.

Garde said he had to speak to the student's family and witnesses and now punishment is coming, but it's up to the school's police department to recommend any possible criminal charges.

"I think he should be suspended and scared to where he would never do this to anyone," said Cody.

Now Cody is trying to decide when or if he'll return to the marching band.

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