Mystery surrounds body found near Arkansas River

body bridge pic.jpg

There's a patch of rocks, just off the Arkansas River near Riverside and Southwest where police found a body around noon on Friday.

Brandon Davis with the Tulsa Police department said they have lots of questions, including how the person died.

"I'd be surprised if it was a homicide, but anything is possible," said Davis. "Suicide is always a possibility this time of year."

He doesn't think it was from a fall off the bridge.

"That's a pretty good drop," said Davis. "If somebody fell from that distance, it's going to be pretty messy. And it just didn't look like that."

Troy Greer and Stephanie Stephens live underneath the bridge, just a few hundred feet from where that body was found.

The area is popular with the homeless, but Greer said there's no way to know if this person was one of them.

"Because they can come and go and be gone for weeks at a time," said Greer.

But even so, he and Stephanie grieve. Even if they didn't know the victim, someone out there did.

"Whether they're homeless or not, This happening right outside of where we live is personal," said Greer, but he admits there's a special bond with people like them. The homeless, he says, are family.

"As dysfunctional as that sounds. Yes," said Greer.

The Medical Examiner is working to figure out a cause of death and to identify the victim.

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