National chain businesses flocking to Coweta

Coweta attracting national chains to their area (KTUL)

COWETA, Okla. (KTUL) – Coweta is expecting big changes as more and more national chains flock to their area.

“QT is almost open, the Casey’s General Store is nearing opening and Taco Bell opened in December,” said Roger Kolman, Coweta City Manager. “We are also having 500 new housing units that are going to be built just across from the Walmart. That kind of growth continues to build upon itself.”

Taco Bueno is another national franchise about to break ground just west of the intersection of Highway 72 and Highway 51.

“We could develop a Taco Bueno anywhere but we chose to come to Coweta because it’s really reflective of who we are,” said Rick Verity, CEO of Quality Brand Management and the owner of this Taco Bueno store. “We are a family owned business. We were treated like family. Hence, why we’re building here in Coweta.”

Kolman hopes this will continue to help revitalize the downtown area.

“One of the old time perceptions of Coweta is that it’s one of the suburbs, it’s way out there and there’s nothing really happening out there," he said. "It’s very exciting times here in Coweta and we’re hoping to continue the ball rolling."

They plan to break ground on the new Taco Bueno within the month and hope to have it finished by May.

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