Neighborhood, Tulsa police officers work to clean up popular Katy Trail

    Neighborhood, TPD officers work to clean up popular Katy Trail (KTUL)

    TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) A west Tulsa community is working together to create a safer area to live.

    After years of dealing with trash and homeless camps along the popular Katy Trail, neighbors looked to two officers for help.

    Just off of the paved Katy Trail near Gilcrease Boulevard is a hiding place for trash, storage and people.

    For months, Officer Darin Shipley and his partner, Officer Steve Douglas, have been coming down to the area.

    "Neighbors are really upset," Shipley said.

    Neighbors say so far, no one is leaving; more people keep showing up.

    "It's been worse in the last two years and continues to escalate," neighbor Jayme Bozone said.

    Bozone has lived in the area for 35 years.

    "We've had people passed out drunk on the side of the trail. We see homeless camps. We see people urinated and defecating on the side of the trail. We see drug deals. You name it; we see it," she said, not to mention theft.

    "Pretty much anything that isn't nailed down," Bozone said. "I think for most of us, it just makes us really angry. We want it to stop, and we are trying to do our part by letting them know that, yes, I see you, and I am making a police report."

    It's just one part of the initiative Bozone and other neighbors are taking on to turn this area around.

    "People are stepping up and ready to take action because they are sick of it," she said.

    Other parts of the Katy Trail are clear from the brush and homeless camps, but this area is different.

    "There are different owners for this property," Shipley said, making it difficult for Officer Shipley to nail down who is responsible for cleaning the mess.

    "If we could clear all of the underbrush so we can make it where they can't hide so easily, I think the problem with the trail itself would pretty much go away," Shipley said.

    Until he can get all parties involved, he is doing what he can to at least help the problem.

    Shipley hosts clean up days and is bringing in dumpsters to help those living around the area.

    He asks everyone who sees anything suspicious around the trail to report it no matter how big or small.

    We reached out to some of the agencies who own the property and have requested more information.

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