Neighbors fed up with activity at Boeing Park

Neighbors angered by the way others treat Boeing Park. (KTUL)

Graffiti by the benches, old looking signs and torn up grass.

Some neighbors who live near Boeing Park say those are normal sites to see.

"It just never ending, it's ruining the park," said Neighbor, Jackie.

Jackie is standing up for this park, saying it's become a wasteland to the ungrateful.

"It use to be a great park to bring your kids," said Jackie. "There's public indecency, urinating in public, public intoxication. There is so many offenses being committed. "

On Sunday she captured a driver doing donuts on the grass while her camera was rolling the whole time.

"I just happen to be coming into the park and I saw them doing donuts," said Jackie. "It was the perfect opportunity to get that video."

She says tire marks at this park are a normal site -- a problem, she says, has been going on for years.

"It's going to take a long time for the city to remedy the damage that's been done out here, and it's going to cost the tax payers," said Jackie.

Jackie says she's gone to Tulsa Police and city officials about the problem, but claims little to none has been done about it. According to the City, The Parks Department is working with TPD and City Security on this matter.

Meanwhile, Jackie is staying committed to being a good neighbor. She will continue reaching out to the city about what can be done to Boeing.

"We really need to maintain that integrity," said Jackie.

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