Neighbors react to ex-boyfriend shooting in midtown

Neighbors react to ex-boyfriend shooting in midtown (KTUL)

As Babetta Jimpie picks up her morning paper, she's almost trapped in her own front yard by crime scene tape.

"This is not your typical Friday morning in this quiet little neighborhood," said Jimpie. "It was pretty shocking to see police tapping my front yard."

"I was driving by and looked over to my wife and said, 'Was that crime scene tape?'" said neighbor Nic Hutchinson. "What's going on? This is such a nice, quiet neighborhood."

What happened this Friday morning is the talk of the neighborhood. Tulsa Police say a man was shot dead while breaking into his ex-girlfriend's house. The woman told cops she had no idea it was him, thinking it was a burglar.

When she grabbed her gun, she fired multiple times. Officers say he was shot once in the chest and died inside the home.

"We follow the trail of bullets; it's obvious that's where it started and ended," said Sgt. Dave Walker with the Tulsa Police Department.

Investigators say it looks like this woman is within her right to shoot him. This is a man who didn't live in the house, didn't belong to this area and was breaking in. Many neighbors agree with what she did.

"He should not have been doing that," said Jimpie. " I mean, can you blame her?"

"I can't say me or my wife would act any differently," said Hutchinson.

Police questioned the woman for hours. She told officers he had a history of stalking and described him as "very obsessive."

The woman's neighbors hope she can move on.

"We're thinking of her, hoping things will turn out well," said Jimpie. "We hope that she makes it through, because I know this is very hard."

Police say the man was 42-years-old. They have not released his name to the public.

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