Neighbors worry about traffic and parking issues ahead of Tulsa State Fair

Neighbors worry about traffic and parking issues ahead of Tulsa State Fair (KTUL)

The Tulsa State Fair kicks off Thursday, which already has some people in the surrounding neighborhoods feeling anxious.

Last year, the fair attracted more than a million people. People who live nearby are worried parking along their streets will be an issue.

Susanna Halcomb lives just one street from the fairgrounds, which she said has some pros.

“It is really close which is great if you love the fair which I love it,” she said. “I always take a whole bunch of other people’s kids.”

There’s also some cons.

“The parking gets a little crazy,” she said.

Living there for 15 years, she’s seen the fair traffic grow.

She said the signs placed around her neighborhood in recent years has helped.

“The cops really patrol this area, a lot thicker this year than in the past,” she said. “If I’m out here and see it I’ll say please move the police will come out here and give you a ticket.”

Sarah Thompson, the event relations manager for the Expo Square and the Tulsa State Fair, is asking for people to be courteous.

“We want to be a great community partner and that means being respectful of our neighbors in the neighborhoods surrounding Expo Square,” said Thompson.

She is asking people to use their onsite parking or the fair transit system.

The fair transit system will pick people up at Nathan Hale High School, the Promenade Mall, OSU Tulsa and the Education Service Center.

“If you’re looking to save some money and get to the gates stress free, I would definitely suggest the fair transit system,” said Thompson.

Onsite parking at the fairgrounds can cost $10 or $20 depending on the entrance.

The fair ends Oct. 7.

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