Neile's Hometown Heroes: Building The A Team with Habitat

The Habitat for Humanity A Team

You've probably heard of Habitat for Humanity. If you're not familiar with the organization, Executive Director Cameron Walker, offers a brief explanation, "We provide access to capitol for folks that are left out of the housing market to become home owners. So we free up ways for folks that maybe have a little-speckled past with respect to credit or debt or judgments and we give them an opportunity to become a homeowner."

And they do it all with a little help

"We provide the tools. We provide the opportunities. We don't build homes. Our volunteers do." says Walker.

In fact, a very skilled group of volunteers has now become known as The Habitats 'A Team'

"I needed something on Saturday morning, " says Kristen Henry who met other team members on the job. Soon they all became fast friends.

Friends like Albert Kahl who says, " I heard about Habitat and the first day after that I was hooked."

John Moran who adds that volunteering for Habitat just made sense, "I've always worked with my hands and done stuff."

Then there is Toni Barton. A woman who definitely has her favorite assignments, "I like putting in floors and I like doing the siding and I love doing the roofs."

Over time these hard workers some how began showing up at the same build sites and eventually exchanged numbers to ensure

they were on the same builds together. A win-win for everyone just ask Walker, "The A Team are amazing. A lot of times we get volunteers that come out with no experience. Which is fine. But, a lot times it makes our job so much easier when we have volunteers that come out week after week. They are kind of like defacto employees to a certain degree and so they are a huge help for us."

So where there's a build in the works, you can bet you'll find most of it, if not all of, The A-Team on site along many other folks involved with Habitat

All of them ready and willing to help you learn more about building and giving back.

Oh, and before I forget two members of The A-Team have recently got engaged. So it appears friendship can even blossom into love when you're working together toward for a greater good.

To learn more about how you can help Habitat click here.

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