Neile's Hometown Heroes: Philbrook guide Roselle Tyner

Roselle Tyner

Spend any time at all in Tulsa and it won't be long before someone suggest you check out Philbrook Museum of Art.

It's a magnificent treasure full of surprises and history, and everyday you can find this weeks Hometown Hero working to share some of it's beauty the way only she can.

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The halls here are filled with art ready to consume and transport those looking for an adventure.

For docent, or guide, Roselle Tyner, it's an opportunity to learn and share. Something she's been doing here in one way or another for more than 17 years.

Tyner says, "I'm actually responsible for the supervision of all of our docent volunteers and also the scheduling of the museum tours."

She helps bring to life the history and possibilities that accompany each piece. And of course she does have her favorites.

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"It's a painting. Marry Patton. It's this lovely little girl. She is sitting there, she's got this really sassy look about her," says Tyner.

Communications director Tricia Milford-Hoyt says what Roselle does for guest and volunteers is priceless.

"Her passion and enthusiasm is something that radiates through her to all of our visitors," said Milford-Hoyt.

Volunteers like Gerri Webb say Roselle's enthusiasm is infectious.

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"She feels the paintings. She feels the artist. She feels the docent, and she gets real emotional and we love her for that," said Webb.

And she does it all with a little sass of her own.

"I came here with a performing arts background. So as my husband used to say, I gave up live artist for dead artist but you know that's OK too," said Tyner.

So, the next time you come to the museum look for Tyner. A woman whose heart is as priceless as the works she loves.

To learn more about Philbrook and upcoming events click here.

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