New city council members put females in majority

New city council members put females in majority (KTUL)

More women are joining the Tulsa City Council. Crista Patrick, Kara Joy Mckee and Lori Decter Wright are all newly elected and bringing the number of female city councilors to six.

"I think it’s exciting. I think that is the narrative really from last night. Not just in Tulsa, not just in Oklahoma but nationwide. This midterm election cycle was the year of the woman," said Councilor en Kimbro, who won his own re-election.

Kimbro will soon be one of three men on the council. Councilwoman Jeannie Cue says it is an exciting time.

"I think it shows that women love their city and want to serve and people respect them," said Cue, who was one of only three women, seven years ago when she was elected.

The new city councilors will be sworn in, during the month of December.

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