New downtown Tulsa brewery opens on outskirts of Arts District

New downtown Tulsa brewery opens on outskirts of Arts District (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) – Welltown Brewing opened its doors Friday on the outskirts of the Arts District on the corner of Archer and Cheyenne.

Beth White said her favorite part is the atmosphere.

“It’s like industrial, but rustic,” she said.

Connor Goodwin said he likes the rooftop view.

“The second story patio is my favorite part, for sure,” he said.

Owner Jeremy Diamond said he couldn't be more excited to share his brand. He started brainstorming the idea of a brewery with his father-in-law three years ago.

“This has been quite the process, journey you might say,” Diamond said.

Starting renovations a little over a year ago, Welltown Brewing has come a long way.

“The space was very, very important to us to create,” said Diamond.

The surrounding area has also grown since he signed his lease.

“A lot of the building owners on Cheyenne here have actually gotten in contact with us saying, 'Hey, by the way our buildings that are for lease are starting to be shown,'” he said.

Diamond has seen more and more breweries pop up around town.

“Tulsa as a whole is growing in the brewery scene,” he said. “All these different brewery tour groups are popping up. That’s huge, exciting news for people who live in Tulsa, but also breweries.”

Diamond isn't worried about the competition or the survival of his brewery.

“There’s enough beer to go around,” he said. “There are enough thirsty Tulsans for the craft beer. That’s not the issue. The issue, luckily, is the laws that are changing.”

Come October 1, he won’t have to close his doors at 9 p.m.

“It’s ridiculous,” Diamond said. “People start coming in at nine and wanting us to serve beer, but we have to say, 'Okay guys, bye.' That’s nuts.”

With a location within walking distance to the BOK Center and the Brady Theatre, he said staying open late is a must, especially with the area’s new potential.

“Things are starting to slowly move in this area of downtown,” Diamond said.

For now, he is sticking to the basics. You can only find Diamond's beer at his brewery. After seeing what people like, he will consider distributing it.

Diamond will be celebrating his grand opening all weekend.

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