New Hispanic grocery store opens in North Tulsa

A new grocery store has opened on the corner of Pine and Harvard. (Clemmer/KTUL)

A grocery store north of 244, a part of town often described as a food desert, will soon open its doors.

"The community definitely needs a store like this," said Francisco Trevino, executive director of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. "For the community, itself, it's going to [mean] not having to drive or taking the bus to get quality food."

Even people in the area who aren't Hispanic are looking forward to the new grocery store.

"Tomato's a tomato; potato's a potato," said Trevino.

Bishop Marvin Henderson of North Tabernacle Baptist Church says, "I believe that this will be supported, I really do." He added that the store will resonate with the people in the area.

"I believe it will. I believe it will, 'cause again, we're talking about the quality. Same groceries, same everything," Henderson said. "I like the quality of the groceries."

Bringing fresh fruit and vegetables to the area was one of the factors behind the recent push for a six-month building moratorium for any new small box discount stores in North Tulsa.

The growth isn't just limited to the grocery store.

"They bought the whole shopping strip, and so they're going to be opening some other businesses here," said Trevino.

The community is looking forward to embracing the addition.

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