New law allows school districts to keep names of employees carrying a firearm confidential


Several new laws went into effect Friday, one of which allows school districts to not release the names of district employees carrying a firearm.

Rob Loeber with Jenks Public Schools said he doesn't think the district will allow its employees to carry guns because of its on-campus police presence.

Loeber said he does believe keeping the names confidential is great for other districts allowing their staffs to carry.

"You don't want the bad guys out there to know who the good guys are and who are the ones carrying weapons, so I can see for the smaller districts how this would have some benefit," he said.

Local parent Debra Wimpee agrees.

"A person that is coming after the schools could look for that and see some people are going to have guns in there, and I'll go take them out first," she said. "So I think it's great that their names will be kept confidential."

The Okay School District currently allows its employees to carry guns on campus.

Those carrying guns are required to have undergone proper training first.

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