New speed limit in Sand Springs aims to reduce deadly crashes

Drivers will need to slow down when they're on 41st Street in Sand Springs. (KTUL)

Drivers will need to slow down when they're on 41st Street in Sand Springs.

The speed limit was 50 mph but now it’s 40.

It’s didn’t take long for 41st Street resident, Barbra Martin, to get the message about the speed limit change.

“When I’m going 40, I know people are wondering why I'm going so slow," said Martin. People are like ‘why is she driving so slow?’ I know they do.”

But it appears some of the other drivers haven’t gotten the memo.

"So many cars are constantly going past me real fast," said Martin. "But it's 40, so I'm going to go 40."

“You're so used to going a certain speed down 41st Street, that you don’t pay attention to how fast you’re going," said 41st Street resident, Andrea Dolan.

City leaders were the ones who made the change after hearing this stretch of road was becoming more dangerous, as there have been several deadly crashes over the years.

“We knew that we needed to do something," said Sand Springs Councilman Ward 3, Brian Jackson. "It was reviewed and unanimously decided. If you take a look at that area, you’ve got the Tulsa Community College Campus in Sand Springs, you’ve got neighboring churches and the growing residential community.”

More than 100 new homes are being built right off 41st street in Teal Ridge, which means, even more, drivers will need to get on and off that street every day.

“Those are families, those are parents and children that will be leaving and entering their neighborhoods. So, they have to be safe," said Jackson.

Most people who live nearby agree, saying the reduced speed will help increase safety but it could take a while for everyone to slow down.

“Give it a little bit and maybe some people will catch on," said Martin.

“I do see the value in it to make it a little safer for everybody so we decrease the amount of accidents," said Dolan.

The Sand Springs Police Department says they will strictly enforce the new speed limit and will be watching this area to make sure folks do get the message.

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