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New structure causes controversy in south Tulsa neighborhood

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Neighbors in south Tulsa are frustrated with a new addition in the LaFortune Park Plaza neighborhood.

It's a big white structure that looks like a barn in someone's backyard.

"It's a monstrosity," said John Berry, vice president of the neighborhood's home association. "It's huge. It doesn't fit there."

He said neighbors believe this bright white building belongs in an industrial park, not a neighborhood.

"He's really saving his money at the expense of his neighbors," Berry said.

Some neighbors see the metal building as a glaring blemish on their picturesque neighborhood.

"The person that put that building up, they filed an application for a permit," said District 9 City Councilor Jayme Fowler. "It is in the purview of their right to have that metal building."

Berry said the fact that his neighbor put up this structure is "not a neighborly thing to do."

"I'm disappointed in both he and the city for allowing this to happen," said Berry.

NewsChannel 8 wanted to see if the neighbor even knew their new backyard addition was causing such a controversy.

Nobody answered the door.

"We have 700 homes in our neighborhood," said Berry. "And if the city is allowing this to happen, we could have 700 more of these in our neighborhood."

Berry wants Fowler to prevent that from happening.

"I think he needs to get the people in the city that are in charge of the zoning and codes to rectify this current mistake and future similar buildings," Berry said.

Fowler said he's working on it.

"That's very essential that when these builds are erected, that they fit the scale of the neighborhood as far as materials, height, setback," Fowler said.

Berry is worried the big, white building could scare off future neighbors.

"The reality is when a realtor were to bring in potential buyers, they're going to look out in their backyard over the fence and see this large metal industrial style building and they may walk out without spending an offer to buy that neighbor's home," he said.

Berry said the HOA is looking into if covenants can have any influence, but for now, they're stuck with the shed.


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