New tips in 13-year-cold case after sketch released of possible suspect

New tips in 13-year-cold case after sketch released of possible suspect (KTUL)

There's been a breakthrough in a 13-year-old murder case.

The computer-generated sketch of a suspect in the 2004 murder of 19-year-old Brittany Phillips is now getting investigators more information from the community that could help crack this case.

Maggie Zingman is happy to see the spotlight back on her daughter's murder case.

The new suspect picture we've been showing was made in a lab, based on DNA evidence taken from the scene 13 years ago.

Police couldn't get a picture like that back then but now, there's new hope for this case.

Thirteen years have passed, but Maggie Zingman relives the pain of her daughter's death every day.

"It doesn't get easier, it's just different." said Zingman. "After 13 years, you start to give up a little bit of hope in some ways."

Her daughter, Brittany Phillips, was found dead in her apartment in 2004. Police say her home appeared to have been ransacked. She was raped and then strangled to death, according to police.

"It's still hard to believe someone would do that to her," said Zingman. "She was a mixture of beauty, and intelligence and just true empathy and caring."

Over the years, the tips used to come in bulk but they fizzled out, until now.

"The picture is just such an unbelievable gift," said Zingman.

Tulsa police released a composite sketch on Thursday of a man they think murdered Brittany. It was created with technology using DNA found at the scene.

With so many eyes on this picture, the tips are coming in once again.

“We're always working this case but hopefully this will push it forward," said Sergeant Dave Walker. "We've already received up to ten tips on individuals. So, hopefully, that one will be the one.”

It's the most activity this case as seen in awhile, and it's restoring faith for investigators, but more importantly, for Zingman that the killer will be found.

"It's just broadening who will think about this," said Zingman. "No tip is silly. I don't care if we get the same tip five times, it means people are thinking about it. I don't care if it's one little thing, you just never know."

Based on the sketch, police are looking for a white man with blue or green eyes.

If you know anything that could help police, please give them a call.

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