New 'utown' app shows users local deals, events and trivia nights

A new app called Utown is about to make the lives of those who ask the question, “What do I do tonight?” a lot easier. (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- A new app called "utown" is a real-time, location-based app that helps people see what to do and where to go locally for deals, trivia nights or even concerts.

Malachi Blankenship, utown’s Vice President and co-founder, said, “We wanted something that’s really interactive and for people,” he said. “It’s for the consumers. It’s really built toward the social goers that are looking for what to do.”

Local businesses can get in touch with utown’s creators to get their information on the app.

“You can really get the real feel of a community and especially if you don’t know Tulsa that well, there’s a lot of awesome things that happen here, and we’re trying to showcase that with this app,” Blankenship said.

The utown app currently has 4,500 users and growing here in Tulsa. They launched their beta back in fall of 2016 to get feedback before launching the current product in January.

“Our goal is to make it to where any city you go into, it makes it feel like your own town because you see what to do and where to go," Blankenship said.

The utown is a startup company based out of 36 Degrees North.

You can download the app by going their website or iTunes and Play Store.

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