No arrests made in murder of Tahlequah man, leaving neighbors on edge

Cherokee County deputies said they found Elvis Dry burned in his backyard Sunday. (KTUL)

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Okla. (KTUL) -- A Tahlequah community is on edge knowing the person who killed 61-year-old amputee Elvis Dry is still out on the streets.

Cherokee County deputies said they found Dry burned in his backyard Sunday.

Now, they're working to make arrests.

"Today, the reality is setting in. It's scary. It scares me to think they're that close," said Margie Girdner, Dry's neighbor.

She said she had a feeling something bad may happen to her neighbor, but never thought murder.

"There was pretty rough looking stuff over there. People were doing things I know for a fact only crazy people would do," said Girdner. "His wheelchair was burnt right outside the back door. You could see that in my backyard."

Girdner said on Thursday night her son saw a bonfire at Dry's house.

Deputies said they aren't sure exactly when Dry died, but do believe he was at the house a few days before he was discovered.

"He said he's seen them burn stuff out there before so he didn't think anything of it," said Girdner.

Retha Carton lives right down the street from Dry, and is now considering changing that.

"I don't know if I could live there any longer. I got to move out and sell it. I don't want to live here," said Carton.

And Girdner feels the same.

"We've been considering moving for a while, but this capped it. We will be out of here within a year," she said.

They hope that whoever killed their neighbor this way is arrested soon.

The sheriff's office said they do have some persons of interest they're trying to talk to.

But urge anyone with information to contact the sheriff's department.

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